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Taking a Long Island limo to a vineyard

A little extra luxury is always a nice little bonus to add to your activities. You have the freedom to explore and roam around without having to worry about driving directions, traffic and the normal stresses that go along with driving. Leave the commuting to a Long Island limo company! You are able to engage with your travel partners and are allowed the opportunity to fully explore your surroundings for the day. You’re able to customize your trip to make your drive extra enjoyable.

On Long Island, the vineyards are popular spots to visit, especially when it’s nice out. Driving out East is always an option, but who wants to go to a vineyard only to skip the wine tasting because he or she has to drive? Hire a limousine service to go to the vineyards! You and all of your friends are able to enjoy the sights, and more importantly, the wine. Not only are you traveling in style, but hiring limo companies ensures your safety, especially after a day commuting on Long Island, and drinking wine to top that off. Your stress levels significantly drop because you are not spending hours driving to the vineyards, you’re riding into it instead. You’ll be able to warm up with snacks and drinks while on your way to your activities, and you’ll have plenty of room to invite friends.

Rumor has it that being pulled over near the wineries is not uncommon. Why risk the potential problems that come with a possible DUI? Police officers are sprinkled all over the towns that the wineries are in. They know that there are people that will always risk the drive, and they are ready and waiting. The cost of not only the ticket if you get caught, liability if there’s an accident, and high legal fees add up quickly. Hiring a Long Island limo service is much, much cheaper than the long-term expense that comes with getting caught driving after having a few glasses of wine. When you’re on your way home, you’re able to sleep your long day off.

Using a limousine company to a vineyard offers not only safety, but it’s really fun! You can enjoy the day with all of your friends, and maybe even a few friendly acquaintances. You’re able to travel in style with a large group of people. It’s the perfect example of “the more the merrier.” Having your crew with you without having to worry about the logistics involving how many cars are being brought, who’s going to be the designated drivers, etc, cuts out a lot of the added stress from a day that’s supposed to be stress-free. You’re able to personalize your trip to suit your needs. If there are certain accommodations that you are looking to have fulfilled, your Long Island limo will gladly step in. Your mini road trip will be extra comfortable, and entertaining.

Many limo companies offer packages that also take the one other thing off of your plate: planning the day. You are given options for packages that offer tours to different wineries. Usually a meal or two is included, and of course, there is a ton of wine! You’re given the option to tailor your day by party size, and that’s it! It cuts out the planning for you and your group, and all you have to do is show up.

Long Island limousine companies offer a luxury service that can often be overlooked. There is an extra level of care and service that comes with hiring a limo company. Give one a call for your next adventure!