Apps vs. Car Services: Trust the Professionals

It is very clear that in this day and age, there’s a smartphone app for everything. Even for your car service! For many, however, a chauffeured car service needs to be more than just transportation with the convenience of an app. Truth be told, on-demand vehicle apps that have swept over cities are just that: apps from technology companies. Chauffeurs and chauffeured car service companies, however, have the experience, class, and professionalism to serve corporate and private clients’ travel and event needs with reliability, safety, and security. In the following article, Limo Service Long Island will provide some reasons why we think it is better to use a trusted car service like than an app.
Keeping it Personal
You can manage all your group travel and logistics with a professional car service. Some of the more professional automotive luxury car service companies let you simply email your itinerary and the professionals do the rest. They will set up your transportation reservations directly from your existing travel itineraries. They can plan and coordinate business meetings, events, airport service, and more to provide event and logistic solutions. This level of care and experience is simply not the goal or focus of an on-demand vehicle app company.
The Right Vehicle for Your Needs
When you work with a specialized car service, you get access to a fleet of specialty vehicles for any size group or event type. A professional car service typically offers a fleet of luxury vehicles includes vans, buses, limousines, and other specialized vehicles. With transportation apps, you don’t get to choose the vehicle you want. You are basically committed to whatever driver is closest at the time.
Trusted Customer Service
A professional car service takes reservations for future travel and provides customized services around your preferences. With a car service, you are able to build reliable schedules through a simple, automated confirmation system. Reservations, revisions, and cancellations are all automated across multiple systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Unlike car service apps, a customized car service is in business to cater to the individual or corporate needs of each client; such as your own corporate logo on signs for easier pick-up. A professional chauffeured car service like Limo Service Long Island offers a level of customer service and travel experience that an app simply cannot provide.
Many professional chauffeured car services strive to incorporate tracking on their vehicles and rigorous screening and safety training of their drivers and staff. All of the vehicles at our car service are equipped with state of the art vehicle tracking software and driven by experienced chauffeurs who are 100% focused on you and your needs. Our drivers never use cell phones while they are driving, and they are not worrying about their last or next ‘pick-up.’ Drivers from a car service app company must use cell phones to “accept” jobs, ‘check-in’, or otherwise keep themselves on track. Moreover, app drivers receive relatively little to no training on customer care, safety, or city and region-specific issues. You also never know who you will be getting into a car with.
Experience and Professionalism
Professional car service companies have acquired expertise over years of service to their clients and it shows in the level of service they provide. A professional chauffeur knows that their job is more than just delivering you to an address. They ensure that you have an exceptional experience and that every detail of your travel and itinerary needs are met.
And, if any situation or service incident should arise, our professional team is always available and we act fast to resolve any issues.
Online complaints about popular car service apps are a testimony to the lack of experience and professionalism encountered by their clients. Why risk subjecting yourself to such a potentially disastrous experience?
Personal and Financial Security
Our staff Limo Service Long Island service is comprised of industry professionals and hospitality experts, all of whom exude excellence in every aspect of their work. All chauffeurs undergo thorough background investigations and extensive, ongoing certification and safety training. In contrast, car service apps have suffered a rash of bad publicity for incidents involving their drivers harassing or assaulting customers and harming pedestrians. Clearly, the background check system used by these app companies are so ineffectual that it could be considered non-existent.
You should be confident that your personal and business information remains with your luxury car service. You should be able to request custom reports and rest easy that these reports remain strictly confidential.
If you are looking for safe, reliable, trusted transportation, call  Limo Service Long Island anytime. We are here for you 24/7 and are happy to get you where you need to be when you need to be there.
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